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TheraSense™ 9-axis sensor can track range of motion and reps on any part of the body.  It allows clinician access to objective data and stay connected with patients throughout the course of their therapy. The sensor connects by bluetooth technology to the app on the patient’s smart phone. Providers visit their TherApp™ Virtual Clinic to access reports and data, which facilitates patient monitoring and engagement.


TherApp™ smartphone application remotely connects clinicians with their patients to provide instruction and guidance on how to do their exercises. It allows for efficient monitoring and feedback, and provides both patient and therapists with assurances that the therapy is being done.

• Provides customized exercises with illustrations and instructions, measures range of motion and tracks reps and sets

Daily reminders from TherApp™ clinician app extend engagement and connection to the patient while they recover at home

• Allows patients to track progress, provide feedback and message their clinician.

• Patients can enlist friends and family for support, while automated messaging provides daily encouragement and motivation

Clinicians can intervene to promote more engagement or modify the program for the individual patient

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For Providers



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TherApp™ virtual clinic enables therapists to care for more patients with greater efficiency both during clinic sessions and while they recover at home. An easy to use software platform accessible on a laptop, allows therapists to remotely engage patients by setting them up with a custom program and monitor their daily progress throughout their therapy. For the first time, therapists can see and document whether patients are really doing their exercises and intervene to adjust their program when necessary.

• Create and modify home exercise programs

• Enroll patients and monitor and track progress
on a daily basis

• Stay engaged and connected to patients with real time messaging and feedback

• Collect patient reported data


This feature pulls together all the data from each therapist and clinic to help providers understand patient outcomes and share best practices. Whether you are an Accountable Care Organization or a large system managing a bundled knee payment, this management tool will help you understand how to optimize outcomes and patient satisfaction while treating more patients more efficiently. There are various levels of service and fees associated with this system feature allowing for ease of implementation with scalability over time.

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